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     This page is dedicated to the mod, Fallaran. The navigation area contains links to a variety of pages about the mod. Go ahead and browse through them, that's what they're there for.


02/07/05 16:46

      -Progress can now be found on the main page, here.

01/24/05 20:33

      -Finished uploading the site, the only page not done is the Fallaran Quests page. However, it won't be done until close to or after the mod is released.

01/22/05 21:29

      -Uploaded this page, just need to get the rest of the Fallaran site uploaded. I have also finished the history for Fallaran, so now I just need to type it, and also add some pictures for the page.


All of these are subject to change if I decide to add more content or take some out. (Hopefully not the latter.)


Main quest story: 95% (70+ pages!)
Lore: 20%
Game Literature (books): 0%
Faction quests outline: 20%
Miscellenious quests outline: 1%
Map: 20%

Actual work:

Meshes: 3%
Textures: 10%
Sounds: 0%
Fallaran: 0%
Hirraen: 0%
Interiors: 0%
Other Exteriors: 0%
Quests: 0%
Main quest: 0%
Dialog: 0%
Weapons and armor: 0%


     They'll be on the Screenshots and Download page a little while after Oblivion is released.






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