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Steven says: Yo ho! This be my released mods page. Go ahead and download my Morrowind mods.



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  -Blank Splash Screen Backgrounds (Modders Resource)

     This is a pack of three blank and almost blank splash screen backgrounds like those from Morrowind. This includes one that is all blank, one that has "The Elder Scrolls III" on it and one that has "The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind on it.

Screenshots (Under the prefix 118)

Download the JPEG version

Download the PSD Version

Download the PSP Version


-Hlaalu Texture Replacer

     This mod will replace all the Hlaalu textures with high-resolution ones. The goal of this mod is to make all the Hlaalu textures high-resolution while sticking to the same look that was in the original game. There are two versions of this, a HighRes one and a LowRes one. Note: The LowRes replacer still has higher resolution textures than those from original Morrowind.

Screenshots (Under the prefix 116)

Download the HighRes version

Download the LowRes Version


-Better Bodies Texture Replacer

     This mod will replace all Better Bodies textures with better versions (in my mind). Basically, this mod will make Better Bodies use the old 0.83 textures, which were more detailed and unique. I also made a more muscular version of this based of SATAN_OF_PDS's muscular textures.

Screenshots(Under the prefix 117)

Download the normal version

Download the muscular version

-Vivec Replacement

     This mod will replace the Vivec cantons with open topped ones and the Molag Mar one with a closed top one. I always found it odd how Molag Mar, in the hellish landscape of Molag Amur, had an open topped canton while Vivec, in the beautiful Ascadian Isles, was closed in. This mod fixes that. Now, Molag Mar has a closed topped canton(Like the ones previously in Vivec) and Vivec has open topped cantons (Like those previously in Molag Mar). I added a mini-shop in the foreign quarter to cover up some stuff. Two new meshes, (For the arena and Foreign Quarter) by AcidBasick, are included.

-Updated to version 1.02
-I have ended up with a strange amount of weird conflicts with saves and other mods. I highly recommend that you backup your save game before using this mod. Most of these conflicts are simply due to the location of this mod being where it is.
-A Interiorator compatible version, by Parpanghel, is included.
-Thanks to Skwirl_Jeremy for pointing out a script error that broke the main quest. This has now been fixed. My apologies to all whose main quests were broken by the previous version of  this mod.
-If this mod does not work in your save (i.e., there are lots of missing items, objects, and/or anything else that seems wrong), then do not e-mail me asking for help. I say this because this mod has an odd amount of inexplexible conflicts with mods and save games. Bottom line; this will work fine for some, and not at all for others.

Screenshots (Under the prefix 112)


Download the Vivec-only .esp.


-Recolored Nordic and Imperial Buildings

     This plugin add twenty plus recolored Imperial and Nordic buildings. This is intended for modders to use. All it actually adds into the game is a cell with all the new buildings in it. You can download this file from Euro-RPG.

Screenshots (Under the prefix 114)