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This contains all of my work-in-progresses (WIPs) for Morrowind and Oblivion.

The projects on this page are arranged into two main sections. Morrowind WIPs and Oblvion WIPs. From there, they are arraned by ID (explained more in the Released Mods section).

Oblivion WIPs

Only one WIP for Oblivion up so far, but there'll be plenty more once the game is released.

Fallaran: A Tale of Two Cities

Note: Fallaran has nothing to do with the book, A Tale of Two Cities, by Charles Dickens. The name relates to the city of Fallaran's struggle with the city of Hirraen.

Fallaran is a city located in the Inner Sea, south-west of Vvardenfel. It was once a place well known in Vvardenfel and all of Morrowind, but the city Hirraen tricked Vvardenfel into disgracing Fallaran. Fallaran was wiped from everyone's mind in Vvardenfel, and the life of the city struggled. Hirraen, soon after, made a mad grab for power, but the attempt was thwarted by the Imperial Legion at the Hawkmoth Garrison. Now, neither of these cities is spoke of in Vvardenfel, and it is rare to find a person who has heard of them. Fallaran's life hang by a thread as the city of Hirraen prepares to reclaim it's "rightful" place.

     Fallaran will offer quests for many guilds from Morrowind, along with a unique main quest and many miscellaneous quests. In the mod, there will be three cities. Fallaran, Hirraen, and Ebonheart. Both Fallaran and Ebonheart will be populated with unique NPCs.

     You might ask yourself, "How can you be making a mod before Oblivion is released?". Quite simple actually, I'm working on things such as history, plot and storyline, quests, meshes, textures, other media, and anything else that doesn't have to wait for Oblivion. You can check out the FAQ for answers to more questions. I have setup a page all-about Fallaran, and it is located here. Feel free to take a look, and even send in feedback and/or ideas. You can either email them to me at smm@mse.com or PM me on the Elder Scrolls Forums as "Szazmyrr3" (without the quotes). Or, you can discuss it on the Elder Scrolls Forums, here.

Morrowind WIPs

None, I finished them all! Woot!

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